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My Time at Sandrock Progress

My Time at Sandrockmore about My Time at Sandrock
3.0% complete

2 / 30 🏆
30 / 1000 Gamerscore

Kind of a Big DealKind of a Big Deal
Workshop upgraded to 5 stars.
90 Gamerscore
Builder of the MonthBuilder of the Month
Have your workshop ranked as #1 for the month.
90 Gamerscore
Commissions, commissions...!Commissions, commissions...!
Complete 100 Commissions.
30 Gamerscore
Financially SecureFinancially Secure
Get 10,000 Gols.
30 Gamerscore
Pack MulePack Mule
Unlock 50 backpack slots.
30 Gamerscore
It's High Noon...It's High Noon...
Have 20 duels.
15 Gamerscore
Big Game HunterBig Game Hunter
Defeat 20 elite monsters.
15 Gamerscore
Do Your PartDo Your Part
Clean up trash 50 times.
15 Gamerscore
Kick something from trees 50 times.
15 Gamerscore
Open 50 chests.
15 Gamerscore
It Belongs in a Museum!It Belongs in a Museum!
Done 40 exhibits to the museum.
15 Gamerscore
Diamonds are ForeverDiamonds are Forever
Obtain 1 diamond.
15 Gamerscore
Waste Not Want NotWaste Not Want Not
Pick up feces 50 times.
15 Gamerscore
First LoveFirst Love
Have a romantic relationship with any character.
30 Gamerscore
I Do!I Do!
Marry any character.
90 Gamerscore
Chat 200 times.
15 Gamerscore
Santa In TrainingSanta In Training
Give 100 gifts.
15 Gamerscore
Got the Receipt?Got the Receipt?
Give a hated gift.
15 Gamerscore
One of the Cool KidsOne of the Cool Kids
Make friends with 10 people.
30 Gamerscore
Who Ya Gonna Call...?Who Ya Gonna Call...?
Won first place in the ghost hunting event.
30 Gamerscore
Got ServedGot Served
Won first place on the hardest difficulty in the dance contest.
30 Gamerscore
Pro GamerPro Gamer
Get 500 Game Center coins.
30 Gamerscore
Never going to stay up all night again...
15 Gamerscore
On that GrindsetOn that Grindset
Use 500 stamina in one day.
✅ unlocked at 6/20/2024, 1:47:28 AM
15 Gamerscore
Officially OfficialOfficially Official
Successfully registered the workshop.
✅ unlocked at 6/19/2024, 9:00:41 PM
15 Gamerscore
Better Late than NeverBetter Late than Never
Assemble and install the Crane Lift.
30 Gamerscore
What Plants CraveWhat Plants Crave
Make a Hydrogel.
30 Gamerscore
Bridging the GapBridging the Gap
Repair the Shonash bridge.
30 Gamerscore
Got the Flow BackGot the Flow Back
Repair the Water Tower.
90 Gamerscore
Sepia Toned MemoriesSepia Toned Memories
Find all of Mort's photos.
100 Gamerscore
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