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This app is still in its infancy, with a beta launched in early March 2024. We are a team of just two people with limited resources at this point but will do anything we can to help make your experience great. Joining our Discord server is a great way to connect if you need personalized assistance.


How are games listed on smol quest?

In special circumstances, we will add a game manually. Otherwise, it must be available on Steam, Xbox, Playstation, or RetroAchievements. Anything on those platforms can be picked up by our scanners. Releases in our system largely correlated to unique ID numbers in these systems, e.g. if a game has a US and EU version with different IDs on PSN, it is tracked as two releases on smol quest.

How do I connect my gaming accounts?

When logged in, simply click on the Account link in the top right corner of the page. From there, you can connect your Steam, Xbox, Playstation, and RetroAchievements accounts. In order to properly scan your profiles, you will need to make your profiles public on their respective platforms.

How often are profiles scanned?

Currently, there is no fixed schedule, though profiles last scanned longer in the past are prioritized.

How much does smol quest cost?

smol quest is and always will be free to use. We may add premium features in the future, but we are committed to ensuring that the site remains useful to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

Do you have native apps?

Not yet, but we have some early prototypes in the works. We will be sure to announce when they are available. We are a small team but want to make smol quest as versatile as possible in how you can use it.

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