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Final Fantasy Chronicles: Final Fantasy IV [Subset - Rare Drops] Progress

more about Final Fantasy Chronicles: Final Fantasy IV [Subset - Rare Drops]Final Fantasy Chronicles: Final Fantasy IV [Subset - Rare Drops]
14.5% complete

2 / 15 🏆
50 / 345 points

iconinfoRA score
Imp SummonImp Summon
Obtain the Imp Summon
✅ unlocked at 5/28/2024, 1:32:03 AM
25 points
Bomb SummonBomb Summon
Obtain the Bomb Summon
25 points
Mage SummonMage Summon
Obtain the Mage Summon
25 points
Cocatris SummonCocatris Summon
Obtain the Cocatris Summon
✅ unlocked at 5/28/2024, 1:11:06 AM
25 points
Obtain the Grimoire
25 points
Glass HelmetGlass Helmet
Obtain the Glass Helmet
25 points
Artemis BowArtemis Bow
Obtain the Artemis Bow
25 points
Lilith RodLilith Rod
Obtain the Lilith Rod
25 points
Gorgon SwordGorgon Sword
Obtain the Gorgon Sword
25 points
Rune AxeRune Axe
Obtain the Rune Axe
25 points
Cursed RingCursed Ring
Obtain the Cursed Ring
25 points
Crystal RingCrystal Ring
Obtain the Crystal Ring
25 points
Power VestPower Vest
Obtain the Power Vest
10 points
Serpent WhipSerpent Whip
Obtain the Serpent Whip
10 points
Pink TailPink Tail
Obtain the Pink Tail
25 points
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