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Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter Progress

more about Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final ChapterYs II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter
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Medicine Order for Your RescuerMedicine Order for Your Rescuer
Receive Banoa's note for Dr. Flair
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 4:27:21 AM
1 points
Protectors IProtectors I
Defeat Velagunder without getting hit
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:20:50 AM
5 points
A Magical NutA Magical Nut
Obtain the Roda Nut in the Ruins of Moondoria
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 4:30:53 AM
1 points
Strong Enough for Stone GolemsStrong Enough for Stone Golems
Slay and quest your way to level 3
✅ unlocked at 7/1/2024, 10:53:36 PM
3 points
Increasing Your Resume Skills Increasing Your Resume Skills
With the help of the Abyss Staff and a statue, unlock the ability to use MP
✅ unlocked at 7/1/2024, 10:56:51 PM
2 points
Who Checks Up on the Doctor?Who Checks Up on the Doctor?
Rescue Dr. Flair and give him Banoa's letter
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:06:08 AM
3 points
An Optimized RescueAn Optimized Rescue
From the start of Rasteenie Mine, find the Mattock and save Dr. Flair while only screen transitioning 14 times in one session. To reset, reenter the mines from the first inner ruins room
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:05:37 AM
5 points
With a quick search of the mines, obtain the magic of Tovah: Fire
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:17:59 AM
3 points
Strong Enough for First Boss Strong Enough for First Boss
Slay and quest your way to level 6
✅ unlocked at 7/1/2024, 11:27:35 PM
5 points
I Thought Tyalmath Hopped I Thought Tyalmath Hopped
Defeat Velagunder, the winged beast, in the Rasteenie Mine
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:20:14 AM
5 points
Velagunder Challenge - MarksmanVelagunder Challenge - Marksman
Defeat Velagunder without ever having a fireball miss or do no damage
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:20:10 AM
5 points
Poison Room Flashing EndedPoison Room Flashing Ended
Okay, you can open your eyes now. I suggest warping back to Lava when done here
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:25:49 AM
0 points
Light of EarendilLight of Earendil
From searching in the deeper parts of the mine, obtain the magic of Dabbie: Light
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:25:07 AM
3 points
Island Looter - What’s Mine is MineIsland Looter - What’s Mine is Mine
Open all chests in the Ruins of Moondoria (2), Sanctuary of Toal, and Rasteenie Mine (6)
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:27:39 AM
5 points
An Ore-Dinary TradeAn Ore-Dinary Trade
After finding some Iron Ore, trade it to Gido
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:34:14 AM
2 points
Wings are now ObsoleteWings are now Obsolete
By making and delivering a cure, obtain the magic of Hadal: Return
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:35:45 AM
5 points
A Cold Wind BlowsA Cold Wind Blows
For having given all six books to the statues, gain access to the Ice Ridge of Noltia
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 2:49:31 AM
5 points
First in, Last out Book ReturnsFirst in, Last out Book Returns
In one session, bring the six Books of Ys to the statues in the opposite order you obtained them in Ys I (Fact, Gemma, Mesa, Dabbie, Tovah, Hadal)
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 2:49:31 AM
10 points
Don’t Forget Your Scroll!Don’t Forget Your Scroll!
After giving all six books to the statues, check the statue for priest Fact to get your scroll
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 3:27:41 AM
1 points
Call Waiting With a Statue Call Waiting With a Statue
With the Scroll, try speaking to the Goddess Statue that would give you a message in another version
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 3:28:30 AM
2 points
Strong Enough for Ice MeltingStrong Enough for Ice Melting
Slay and quest your way to level 10
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:26:57 AM
5 points
So Cute it Could be a PlushSo Cute it Could be a Plush
With some exploring of the Ice Ridge of Noltia, obtain the magic of Gemma/Jemma: ...Telepathy?
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 2:57:26 AM
3 points
Time to Backtrack in the Ice RidgeTime to Backtrack in the Ice Ridge
Obtain the Stone Shoes so you can walk up ice slopes
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 2:59:00 AM
3 points
No Drink Big Enough for This IceNo Drink Big Enough for This Ice
Defeat Tyalmath, the ice monster, in the Ice Ridge of Noltia
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 3:12:23 AM
5 points
Protectors IIProtectors II
Defeat Tyalmath without getting hit
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 3:20:29 AM
5 points
Tyalmath Challenge - Slow BurnTyalmath Challenge - Slow Burn
Defeat Tyalmath with 112 strength (Level 10 with Talwar)
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 3:12:19 AM
5 points
No Son, No BridgeNo Son, No Bridge
After learning of Ruba's predicament, obtain the Whisper Earring
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 3:26:36 AM
4 points
How did it Grow Here? How did it Grow Here?
Obtain another Roda Nut, this time in the Moat of Burnedbless
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 3:25:47 AM
2 points
Prison Break Without DogiPrison Break Without Dogi
With the power of the Black Pearl, free Tarf from his prison
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:27:44 AM
4 points
Poison Room Flashing Light Warning!Poison Room Flashing Light Warning!
The next screen flashes a lot, feel free to close your eyes and hold left until your hear the next achievement notification
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:25:39 AM
0 points
A Demon's Strange DreamA Demon's Strange Dream
After helping Tarf and Keith escape, find a hidden message in the prison
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:37:34 AM
2 points
Island Looter - Hot and ColdIsland Looter - Hot and Cold
Open all chests in the Ice Ridge of Noltia (6) and Moat of Burnedbless (1)
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:26:12 AM
10 points
Like a Record, BabyLike a Record, Baby
Defeat Gelaldy, the spinning head, in the Moat of Burnedbless
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:44:04 AM
10 points
Protectors IIIProtectors III
Defeat Gelaldy without getting hit
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:44:00 AM
10 points
Gelaldy Challenge - Speed 1994 ReimaginedGelaldy Challenge - Speed 1994 Reimagined
Defeat Gelaldy, but you must always be moving (challenge starts by damaging the boss)
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:45:56 AM
10 points
For Whom the Shrine Bell TollsFor Whom the Shrine Bell Tolls
Speak to a distressed mother to hear the sacrificial bell
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:47:43 AM
2 points
Where's the Salmon?Where's the Salmon?
Enter the Solomon Shrine after tricking the guards
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:54:14 AM
5 points
Ys-Dropping on a ConversationYs-Dropping on a Conversation
Learn the secret code for Solomon Shrine's west gate
5 points
A Flawless Sneaking MissionA Flawless Sneaking Mission
Upon entering Solomon Shrine, never unequip Telepathy while getting the permit and then overhear Zava's meeting in 3 minutes and 10 seconds or less (Reset by going to the guarded main gate)
10 points
Strong Enough for Early ShrineStrong Enough for Early Shrine
Slay and quest your way to level 16
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:07:07 AM
10 points
Never Played Before, or Saving Time?Never Played Before, or Saving Time?
Reduce the amount of backtracking you'll need to do by trying to enter the Runaway Hideout while cursed
5 points
Za WarudoZa Warudo
While in the west side of Solomon Shrine, obtain the magic of Mesa: Time
5 points
Where’s My Solomon Shrine Roda Nut?Where’s My Solomon Shrine Roda Nut?
Go to the place in western Solomon Shrine that is missing a Roda Nut in this version
3 points
They Could be Decor...They Could be Decor...
Obtain the Shrine Key in the Subterranean Canal, but at a cost
5 points
Missing the Rib CageMissing the Rib Cage
Defeat Dolga, the laser sorcerer, in the Solomon Shrine
10 points
Protectors IVProtectors IV
Defeat Dolga without getting hit
10 points
Dolga Challenge - Point Blank SurvivorDolga Challenge - Point Blank Survivor
Defeat Dolga without going below the top two tiles (challenge starts when you walk up there)
10 points
Wait, was I Supposed to do This Later?Wait, was I Supposed to do This Later?
Access the room past Dolga before using the Shrine Key to unlock the second part of the Subterranean Canal
10 points
The Maze Gets BiggerThe Maze Gets Bigger
Thanks to Keith giving you the Canal Key, drain the water in the Subterranean Canal
5 points
How do you Eat?How do you Eat?
Defeat Zava, the robed head, in the Solomon Shrine
10 points
Protectors VProtectors V
Defeat Zava without getting hit
10 points
Zava Challenge - Unflinching ResolveZava Challenge - Unflinching Resolve
Defeat Zava without moving after you cast a fireball
10 points
A Desperate ClimbA Desperate Climb
Try to stop the ringing by reaching the top of the Bell Tower
5 points
Island Looter - Maze CrazeIsland Looter - Maze Craze
Open all chests in the Solomon Shrine (6), Subterranean Canal (4), and the Bell Tower (1)
10 points
Spell DispelSpell Dispel
With the completed Dream Idol, restore all the people Dalles petrified back to normal
5 points
Strong Enough for AnythingStrong Enough for Anything
Slay and quest your way to level 24
10 points
I Swear I'm Not LostI Swear I'm Not Lost
In a single session, enter every single screen, both inside and outside, of Solomon Shrine (includes two boss rooms, but not Subterranean Canal or Bell Tower)
10 points
Enough Fs to Pay RespectEnough Fs to Pay Respect
Reach the highest amount of gold you can carry
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:10:17 AM
25 points
Ys Life InsuranceYs Life Insurance
Purchase the Elixir from Jade’s shop
10 points
A Dance With FireA Dance With Fire
Defeat Dalles, the second in command, in the Subterranean Canal
25 points
Protectors VIProtectors VI
Defeat Dalles without getting hit
50 points
Dalles Challenge - Crab Walk KingDalles Challenge - Crab Walk King
Defeat Dalles while only moving left and right
10 points
A Defense Greater Than the Black MantleA Defense Greater Than the Black Mantle
Before the final fight, speak with Feena to obtain the magic of Fact: Shield
5 points
A Battle 700 Years in the MakingA Battle 700 Years in the Making
Defeat Darm, the hidden leader, to save Ys once and for all
25 points
Darm Challenge - Cleria is Best-iaDarm Challenge - Cleria is Best-ia
Defeat Darm while wearing the Cleria Sword, Armor, Shield, and Ring (Shield Magic is allowed)
25 points
A Demon Born of Magic, Defeated With MagicA Demon Born of Magic, Defeated With Magic
Defeat Darm while Telepathy is always equipped. Make him "roo" the day he thought Adol could be stopped!
25 points
Remember Me For the Girl I was...Remember Me For the Girl I was...
Bring peace back to Ys and finish the second part of Adol's starting adventure
10 points
Short Weapon and Gold SupplyShort Weapon and Gold Supply
Obtain all tier one equipment (Short Sword, Chain Mail, and Wood Shield)
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 4:43:01 AM
3 points
Could be a Town Guard With ThisCould be a Town Guard With This
Obtain all tier two equipment (Long Sword, Breast Plate, and Small Shield)
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:34:28 AM
5 points
Nostalgic Set, Minus the ReflexNostalgic Set, Minus the Reflex
Obtain all tier three equipment (Talwar, Plate Mail, and Large Shield)
✅ unlocked at 7/9/2024, 4:12:05 AM
5 points
Hyper without EmeraldsHyper without Emeralds
Obtain all tier four equipment (Hyper Cutter, Reflex, and Iron Shield)
5 points
Truly Ready for BattleTruly Ready for Battle
Obtain all tier five equipment (Battle Sword, Battle Armor, and Battle Shield)
10 points
My Path is Cleria NowMy Path is Cleria Now
Obtain all tier six equipment (Cleria Sword, Cleria Armor, and Cleria Shield)
10 points
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