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Bring Your 'A' Game (by not pressing B)Bring Your 'A' Game (by not pressing B)
Chat with Tom Guycot before you ever fire a shot or take damage
✅ unlocked at 5/21/2024, 12:38:08 AM
5 points
Shonen JumperShonen Jumper
Traverse Route 12 and 17 staying out of pits and water, while not using suits, boots, or Force
✅ unlocked at 5/23/2024, 11:19:37 PM
10 points
Shonen SkipperShonen Skipper
Skip across the water on Route 28 without falling in from the left entrance to the Fin Statue- and not using suits, boots, or Force
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:28:43 AM
10 points
Fighting Robots, Mega Bang!Fighting Robots, Mega Bang!
Wear one Supersuit from one end of Route 29 to the other
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:47:30 AM
10 points
Abridged Mountain KingAbridged Mountain King
Let the troll of Demonhead Mountain fall and take his place
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:59:30 AM
5 points
Sad Soda StatueSad Soda Statue
A grieving sprite reveals the hidden path to Route 35
✅ unlocked at 5/23/2024, 11:13:20 PM
5 points
Likely, A GrueLikely, A Grue
Find and destroy the invisible monster in the pink pit of darkness
✅ unlocked at 5/23/2024, 11:06:22 PM
5 points
Thanks, Worth The Second VisitThanks, Worth The Second Visit
Find the clue about Route 13 from a man in a cabin (that your map already tells you)
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:44:27 AM
5 points
Bang, That's Not How Reading WorksBang, That's Not How Reading Works
Put the words in your head from the letters of Jake, Pandar, and Commander
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:23:35 AM
5 points
More Like Tom LatecotMore Like Tom Latecot
Get to the Desert Fortress before Tom Guycot is ready
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:03:25 AM
5 points
Thanks For Reminding MeThanks For Reminding Me
Fight Bopper a second time before you have the other five Medallions
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 1:01:09 AM
5 points
That Doesn't Sound Suspicious At AllThat Doesn't Sound Suspicious At All
Do what Professor Plum says before he goes
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 1:51:55 AM
5 points
Come Again!Come Again!
Visit the shop 30 times for a 50% discount
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 1:30:58 AM
10 points
Demonhead II: The Search For More MoneyDemonhead II: The Search For More Money
Gather 99 gold and unload it at Susie's Exchange all at once
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:23:56 AM
10 points
Hokuto Apples Have No EqualHokuto Apples Have No Equal
Gather Force to unlock the five Hermit's abilities
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:35:10 AM
10 points
Bang and Michael's Excellent ClashBang and Michael's Excellent Clash
Find Michael and follow his adventure for treasure to it's very end, while keeping Bang's Power from ever being critically low
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 9:38:35 PM
25 points
Bang and Joe's Bogus ClashBang and Joe's Bogus Clash
Rely on Joe's power and fight twice as hard to save the world start to finish- no shop visits, no password
✅ unlocked at 5/27/2024, 10:40:35 PM
50 points
Rowdy Pays The PiperRowdy Pays The Piper
Rescue the Hermit from the clutches of Rowdy
✅ unlocked at 5/23/2024, 11:34:32 PM
5 points
Bowling For Demons, Perfect Game!Bowling For Demons, Perfect Game!
Roll exactly 15 Powerballs in Rowdy's camp and damage him with every strike, without Bang being struck back
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 7:44:56 PM
10 points
Demolish DemonDemolish Demon
Vanquish the Demon with Apollo's Sword and take back the stolen Medallion
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 1:45:44 AM
10 points
Oh, That Apollo?Oh, That Apollo?
Last 13 seconds without the Sword of Apollo equipped
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 1:44:29 AM
25 points
Scrap the scrappy lizard
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:40:45 AM
5 points
A Vicious CycleA Vicious Cycle
Blow up Gazh without jumping via A button during the fight
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:40:45 AM
10 points
Madder MaxMadder Max
Make Max bite the dust, too
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 1:17:13 AM
5 points
Beyond TinydomeBeyond Tinydome
Enter Max's room with Micro Power and keep it active the entire fight
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 10:05:32 PM
10 points
Monster MushMonster Mush
Mash the mushroom gang
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 1:36:33 AM
5 points
No Fun In FungiNo Fun In Fungi
Outdance Mush and his troupe by only using Rolling Star as damage, and avoiding any injuries
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 1:36:33 AM
10 points
Sunken SharkSunken Shark
Fish is back on the menu
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:25:02 AM
5 points
Sea Quench BreakerSea Quench Breaker
Swim into Shark's base and win the battle without wearing an Aqua Lung or restoring life
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:25:01 AM
10 points
The ExPandarblesThe ExPandarbles
Learn how to get to the Desert Fortress from Pandar, then blow everyone up
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:49:46 AM
5 points
Ancient Bearial GroundAncient Bearial Ground
Quickly exorcise Pandar before more than ten extra heads are summoned
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:49:46 AM
10 points
Bopped BopperBopped Bopper
Thank Bopper for the clue by wrecking his ride
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:57:51 AM
10 points
Blitz Beat BopBlitz Beat Bop
Win the second fight with Bopper in under 30 seconds, hitting only with Thundershot
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 1:01:30 AM
10 points
Epic Rival Climax!  Bang vs. Tom GuycotEpic Rival Climax! Bang vs. Tom Guycot
Do we... avenge him now?
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 12:12:03 AM
5 points
No Time For Boss ExpositionNo Time For Boss Exposition
Since both of you are in a hurry, go ahead and end his scheme
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 2:04:49 AM
5 points
Use The Apples, BangUse The Apples, Bang
Put your faith in only your trusty zapper and the Force
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 2:04:49 AM
10 points
vs. The Worldvs. The World
Find out who is really behind it all, and why they wanted Professor Plum
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 2:05:40 AM
5 points
Everybody LivesEverybody Lives
Find Joe, learn his scouting intel, and save the world- don't talk him to death
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 8:58:27 PM
25 points
199X: Towards The Future199X: Towards The Future
Reunite with Mary and Commander at the end as a true Action Hero does - no passwords used!
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 8:59:27 PM
25 points
Hollywood EndingHollywood Ending
Save the world with less than 2 seconds to spare!
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 2:17:36 AM
50 points
Doomsday DoomedDoomsday Doomed
The world-ending bomb was no match for Bang's manic medallion mashing!
✅ unlocked at 5/24/2024, 2:17:36 AM
10 points
Lead Into GoldLead Into Gold
Because he led you to the gold, you see...
✅ unlocked at 5/23/2024, 11:43:51 PM
5 points
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