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And the World Was Saved ForeverAnd the World Was Saved Forever
Retrieve the final Book of Ys and have Jeva read it.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 4:13:28 AM
25 points
The Water GuardianThe Water Guardian
Talk to Frea in the plains and find her staff.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 11:15:24 PM
5 points
Their Roots Go DeepTheir Roots Go Deep
Take the roda seed from the sealed mine and bring it to the roda tree for your reward.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 1:14:42 AM
5 points
Dueling ScythesDueling Scythes
Defeat the fourth boss.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 2:49:42 AM
10 points
Aggressive StoneAggressive Stone
Defeat the sixth boss.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 3:58:28 AM
10 points
And the World Was Saved... Right?And the World Was Saved... Right?
Defeat the final boss in Darm Tower.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 4:00:20 AM
10 points
Ankharat the WizardAnkharat the Wizard
Defeat the first boss.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 8:48:01 PM
5 points
Growing PowerGrowing Power
Reach level five.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 1:45:30 AM
5 points
Wyrm SlayerWyrm Slayer
Defeat the second boss.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 10:41:36 PM
5 points
Vampire SurvivorVampire Survivor
Defeat the third boss without taking damage.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 1:47:57 AM
25 points
Stripped But Not HelplessStripped But Not Helpless
Recover all of your taken silver gear from the tower trick.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 3:35:49 AM
5 points
Familial TiesFamilial Ties
Visit Sara's aunt in Zepic after getting her crystal.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 1:43:29 AM
3 points
Return to MonkeReturn to Monke
Defeat the fifth boss.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 3:26:04 AM
10 points
Vampire SlayerVampire Slayer
Defeat the third boss.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 1:47:57 AM
5 points
First Steps to WarFirst Steps to War
Get properly equipped and the sage will start your adventure.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 1:21:53 AM
1 points
Spiral of DeathSpiral of Death
Defeat the second boss without taking damage.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 10:41:36 PM
10 points
Shrine Treasure HunterShrine Treasure Hunter
Obtain all treasure chests in the shrine.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 10:30:53 PM
10 points
Best On OfferBest On Offer
Buy the best equipment Menia has.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 10:01:03 PM
5 points
Mine Treasure HunterMine Treasure Hunter
Obtain all treasure chests in the mine.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 1:20:58 AM
10 points
Lost and FoundLost and Found
Return an expensive loving gift that was stolen by thieves.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 1:17:28 AM
1 points
No Where Left To GoNo Where Left To Go
Achieve level 24 and stare down from the peak of the corpses of your enemies.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 1:12:32 AM
10 points
Trial By FireTrial By Fire
Defeat the first boss without taking damage.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 8:48:01 PM
5 points
Heightening AbilityHeightening Ability
Reach level ten.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 8:53:53 PM
5 points
Gatekeeping ProgressGatekeeping Progress
Solve the riddle you found in the sealed mine.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 11:41:12 PM
5 points
You Shall Pass!You Shall Pass!
Taking out the Ifrit proves to someone in Darm Tower that you are worthy to challenge the higher floors.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 3:40:03 AM
5 points
Reaching the SummitReaching the Summit
Reach level twenty.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 10:29:33 PM
5 points
Shrine PrisonerShrine Prisoner
Rescue the girl in the palace dungeons.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 9:54:29 PM
5 points
Zipec Bell Tower RestoredZipec Bell Tower Restored
Find out who took the Zipec bell and return it.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 10:48:17 PM
5 points
Assisted Water BendingAssisted Water Bending
Gain entry into the sealed mines.
✅ unlocked at 6/27/2024, 11:19:34 PM
5 points
Get tricked by the towers magic and then find an item to prevent that.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 2:21:01 AM
5 points
Battle RegaliaBattle Regalia
Obtain the best gear Darm Tower has to offer.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 3:23:52 AM
5 points
Darm Tower Treasure HunterDarm Tower Treasure Hunter
Obtain all treasure chests in Darm Tower.
✅ unlocked at 6/28/2024, 3:35:48 AM
10 points
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