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~Homebrew~ Dead in My Living Room, The Progress

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When Nature Calls, I UnlockWhen Nature Calls, I Unlock
Unlock the door to the Garage.
✅ unlocked at 5/29/2024, 11:47:40 PM
1 points
I Always Feel Like Somebody's...I Always Feel Like Somebody's...
Interact with every stage of Lenore's picture.
✅ unlocked at 5/30/2024, 1:06:27 AM
3 points
Nothing Like Grapes and CheeseNothing Like Grapes and Cheese
Enjoy a nice 3 AM meal.
✅ unlocked at 5/29/2024, 11:49:52 PM
1 points
Find the two references in the bathroom.
✅ unlocked at 5/29/2024, 11:54:36 PM
1 points
On the Murder FrequencyOn the Murder Frequency
Listen to the radio in the Garage.
✅ unlocked at 5/29/2024, 11:51:46 PM
1 points
Discover the nest and what's inside...
✅ unlocked at 5/30/2024, 12:02:18 AM
3 points
We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes...We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes...
Surrender yourself to the FBI.
✅ unlocked at 5/30/2024, 12:05:26 AM
3 points
No Trace of the DriverNo Trace of the Driver
Meet your demise.
✅ unlocked at 5/30/2024, 12:15:55 AM
3 points
My BodyMy Body
Complete the game with any ending in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds. (See comments).
✅ unlocked at 5/30/2024, 12:59:26 AM
5 points
Getting A-Head of YourselfGetting A-Head of Yourself
Find the secret room.
✅ unlocked at 5/30/2024, 1:07:45 AM
2 points
Brunette Out of BoundsBrunette Out of Bounds
Uncover the hidden photo.
✅ unlocked at 5/30/2024, 1:08:29 AM
2 points
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