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~Prototype~ Suikoden II [E3 Preview] Progress

more about ~Prototype~ Suikoden II [E3 Preview]~Prototype~ Suikoden II [E3 Preview]
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iconinfoRA score
Make the Chest of ItMake the Chest of It
Battle Mode: Open all 7 chests
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 1:05:36 PM
5 points
That's WarThat's War
Battle Mode: View the ending
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 1:45:02 PM
5 points
Everyone Gets a TurnEveryone Gets a Turn
Battle Mode: Get at least one kill using the Attack command for each of the available 16 characters
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:23:47 PM
5 points
Everyone Gets Plenty of TurnsEveryone Gets Plenty of Turns
Battle Mode: Raise all 16 available characters to at least level 20
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 1:35:23 PM
10 points
Sunny Side UpSunny Side Up
Battle Mode: Obtain a Sun Badge from an enemy
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 12:46:29 PM
5 points
Solo Run Jr.Solo Run Jr.
Battle Mode: Defeat Double Head using only Riou, or "KONAMI" as someone named him
✅ unlocked at 7/2/2024, 1:44:45 PM
10 points
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