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Binky For BabyBinky For Baby
Stunt Baby Herman's growth further at his place in Toontown
✅ unlocked at 1/26/2024, 9:28:59 AM
5 points
A Rabbit In Your PocketA Rabbit In Your Pocket
Find Dolores at the room she lives in, and show you're happy to see her
✅ unlocked at 1/28/2024, 1:03:19 PM
5 points
Drawn That WayDrawn That Way
Lure Jessica Rabbit off the stage at the Ink N Paint Club
✅ unlocked at 1/28/2024, 12:50:36 PM
5 points
Hi Eddie!  Bye Eddie!Hi Eddie! Bye Eddie!
Drive into Toontown- as in, arrive, not into... aaah!!
✅ unlocked at 1/25/2024, 9:32:07 AM
5 points
Got The Will, Have The Way?Got The Will, Have The Way?
Judge Doom legally owns Toowntown in 15 minutes- get inside his warehouse with the Will in under that time
50 points
Ferocious FelineFerocious Feline
Give a Fish Bone to the cat who will accept your offering
✅ unlocked at 1/28/2024, 11:46:04 AM
5 points
Snake, Rattle, and RollSnake, Rattle, and Roll
Make friends with a dangerous snake
✅ unlocked at 1/25/2024, 9:27:09 AM
5 points
Malcontent MuttMalcontent Mutt
Give a hunk of Meat to the dog who will eat it
✅ unlocked at 1/26/2024, 9:04:31 AM
5 points
Better Than Fall ShoesBetter Than Fall Shoes
Make a big jump while wearing the Spring Shoes
✅ unlocked at 1/25/2024, 9:26:34 AM
2 points
Ravenous RodentRavenous Rodent
Give Cheese to a particularly aggressive rat who wants some
✅ unlocked at 1/26/2024, 8:48:29 AM
5 points
Escape (but only when it's funny)Escape (but only when it's funny)
Hit Psycho with Custard Pie, then have him fill the hole in your life
10 points
Hereby Bequeath, In PerpetuityHereby Bequeath, In Perpetuity
Gather all the pieces of Marvin Acme's Will
✅ unlocked at 1/28/2024, 2:16:13 PM
10 points
This Rhymes With WallThis Rhymes With Wall
Since you can't kick them in the... nose, get past Stupid with a pasttime
✅ unlocked at 1/28/2024, 2:36:56 PM
5 points
Eleanor RooseveltEleanor Roosevelt
Actually, it's Benny- hop in and ride
✅ unlocked at 1/25/2024, 9:22:38 AM
2 points
This Means ScoreThis Means Score
Earn a score of 44000 or more without visiting the Magical Building
✅ unlocked at 1/25/2024, 9:27:09 AM
5 points
Doggone Stubborn Little ScoreDoggone Stubborn Little Score
Earn a score of 66000 or more without visiting the Magical Building
✅ unlocked at 1/26/2024, 9:30:18 AM
5 points
Hungarian Rhapscore #2Hungarian Rhapscore #2
Earn a score of 22000 or more without visiting the Magical Building
✅ unlocked at 1/25/2024, 9:11:55 AM
5 points
Wise QuackscoreWise Quackscore
Earn a score of 88000 or more without visiting the Magical Building
✅ unlocked at 1/28/2024, 12:47:12 PM
5 points
Sidewalk Driving (just for a couple of miles)Sidewalk Driving (just for a couple of miles)
Smarty and Stupid got squished by a car at the same time
✅ unlocked at 1/25/2024, 9:05:06 AM
5 points
Earn 50 points with the Six Shooter
✅ unlocked at 1/29/2024, 9:47:09 AM
2 points
Walt Sent MeWalt Sent Me
Give a compliment to the bouncer after saying the Password
✅ unlocked at 1/28/2024, 12:50:19 PM
5 points
Percussive MaintenancePercussive Maintenance
Pick a lock by launching a Crowbar at it (this is how lockpicking works)
✅ unlocked at 1/29/2024, 8:43:12 AM
2 points
Save Toontown with only 5 Punchlines (Eddie just can't take a joke- get it?)
50 points
Two Bits!!Two Bits!!
Wow the weasels with a correct punchline
✅ unlocked at 1/25/2024, 9:24:53 AM
2 points
Holy Smoke!  He's A Toon!Holy Smoke! He's A Toon!
Save the day and avenge Eddie's brother by winning an awful battle against Toon Doom
✅ unlocked at 1/29/2024, 11:23:01 AM
25 points
Gonna Die LaughingGonna Die Laughing
Deliver the correct punchline when you have the maximum 18 of them
✅ unlocked at 1/29/2024, 9:39:48 AM
10 points
[P][P][P]lease, Eddie![P][P][P]lease, Eddie!
Deliver the correct punchline when you have 10 or more of them
✅ unlocked at 1/26/2024, 8:23:10 AM
5 points
Finally Seeing StarsFinally Seeing Stars
Rescue Roger and Jessica (and all of Toontown) without having to Continue
✅ unlocked at 2/3/2024, 12:23:08 PM
50 points
Nothing Permeates That Impervious PussNothing Permeates That Impervious Puss
Make it inside Judge Doom's warehouse without Eddie or Roger losing a life
✅ unlocked at 2/3/2024, 12:05:10 PM
25 points
The City, The SightsThe City, The Sights
Visit every building in colorful Burbank
✅ unlocked at 1/28/2024, 12:59:09 PM
10 points
The Bats, The SnakesThe Bats, The Snakes
Take a quick spelunk into eight different caves
10 points
The Perfect Place For A FreewayThe Perfect Place For A Freeway
Sightsee all the buildings in Toontown, including the Magical Buildings
10 points
(Enter Code_Passwords disable achievements! Good luck, and save Toontown!)
✅ unlocked at 1/25/2024, 8:58:35 AM
0 points
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