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Final Fantasy XI [Subset - Hero of Nations] Progress

more about Final Fantasy XI [Subset - Hero of Nations]Final Fantasy XI [Subset - Hero of Nations]
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Hero of NationsHero of Nations
Achieve Rank 10 in all three nations and bring their aketons to Milia in Ru'Lude Gardens for a special reward.
100 points
Royal SpearmanRoyal Spearman
Achieve Rank 2 in San d'Oria.
10 points
Royal SquireRoyal Squire
Achieve Rank 3 in San d'Oria.
25 points
Royal SwordsmanRoyal Swordsman
Achieve Rank 4 in San d'Oria.
25 points
Royal CavalierRoyal Cavalier
Achieve Rank 5 in San d'Oria.
25 points
Royal GuardRoyal Guard
Achieve Rank 6 in San d'Oria.
50 points
Grand Knight of the RealmGrand Knight of the Realm
Achieve Rank 7 in San d'Oria.
50 points
Grand Temple KnightGrand Temple Knight
Achieve Rank 8 in San d'Oria.
50 points
Reserve Knight CaptainReserve Knight Captain
Achieve Rank 9 in San d'Oria.
50 points
Elite Royal GuardElite Royal Guard
Achieve Rank 10 in San d'Oria.
100 points
Achieve Rank 2 in Bastok.
10 points
Achieve Rank 3 in Bastok.
25 points
Junior MusketeerJunior Musketeer
Achieve Rank 4 in Bastok.
25 points
Senior MusketeerSenior Musketeer
Achieve Rank 5 in Bastok.
25 points
Musketeer CommanderMusketeer Commander
Achieve Rank 6 in Bastok.
50 points
Gold MusketeerGold Musketeer
Achieve Rank 7 in Bastok.
50 points
Achieve Rank 8 in Bastok.
50 points
Senior Gold MusketeerSenior Gold Musketeer
Achieve Rank 9 in Bastok.
50 points
Praefectus CastrorumPraefectus Castrorum
Achieve Rank 10 in Bastok.
100 points
Achieve Rank 2 in Windurst.
✅ unlocked at 3/21/2024, 11:47:58 AM
10 points
Mercenary CaptainMercenary Captain
Achieve Rank 3 in Windurst.
25 points
Combat CasterCombat Caster
Achieve Rank 4 in Windurst.
25 points
Tactician MagicianTactician Magician
Achieve Rank 5 in Windurst.
25 points
Wise WizardWise Wizard
Achieve Rank 6 in Windurst.
50 points
Patriarch ProtectorPatriarch Protector
Achieve Rank 7 in Windurst.
50 points
Caster CaptainCaster Captain
Achieve Rank 8 in Windurst.
50 points
Master CasterMaster Caster
Achieve Rank 9 in Windurst.
50 points
Mercenary MajorMercenary Major
Achieve Rank 10 in Windurst.
100 points
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