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more about Gex: Enter the GeckoGex: Enter the Gecko
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iconinfoRA score
Mmmm... ButteryMmmm... Buttery
Get 30 extra lives
✅ unlocked at 7/15/2022, 8:10:55 PM
5 points
Is it just me or am I ENGULFED IN FLAMES??Is it just me or am I ENGULFED IN FLAMES??
Behold the power of Fire Gex
✅ unlocked at 7/13/2022, 7:26:17 AM
1 points
Freezy GeckoFreezy Gecko
Contemplate the power of Ice Gex
✅ unlocked at 7/15/2022, 10:07:30 PM
2 points
Happy HourHappy Hour
Get all Remotes in Out of Toon
✅ unlocked at 7/14/2022, 8:18:57 AM
5 points
Get all Remotes in Smellraiser
✅ unlocked at 7/13/2022, 8:26:24 AM
5 points
Child's PlayChild's Play
Get all Remotes in Frankensteinfeld
✅ unlocked at 7/18/2022, 7:20:07 PM
5 points
Congratulations You’re the 1000th VisitorCongratulations You’re the 1000th Visitor
Get all Remotes in
✅ unlocked at 7/15/2022, 9:00:49 PM
5 points
Teriyaki BoyzTeriyaki Boyz
Get all Remotes in Mao Tse Tongue
✅ unlocked at 7/15/2022, 9:26:37 PM
5 points
The Power of the ForceThe Power of the Force
Get all Remotes in The Umpire Strikes Out
✅ unlocked at 7/21/2022, 9:43:45 PM
5 points
The Past is WildThe Past is Wild
Get all Remotes in Pangea 90210
✅ unlocked at 7/21/2022, 9:46:45 PM
5 points
That's all Folks!That's all Folks!
Get all Remotes in Fine Tooning
✅ unlocked at 7/21/2022, 9:51:05 PM
5 points
Rusty Bucket CaveRusty Bucket Cave
Get all Remotes in This Old Cave
✅ unlocked at 7/17/2022, 12:18:54 AM
5 points
Operation AntOperation Ant
Get all Remotes in Honey I Shrunk the Gecko
✅ unlocked at 7/21/2022, 9:37:03 PM
5 points
Get all Remotes in Poltergex
✅ unlocked at 7/17/2022, 2:10:09 AM
5 points
Calling OrsonCalling Orson
Get all Remotes in Pain in the Asteroids
✅ unlocked at 7/20/2022, 7:59:47 PM
5 points
Get all Remotes in Samurai Night Fever
✅ unlocked at 7/17/2022, 11:22:53 PM
5 points
Alone at the AltarAlone at the Altar
Get all Remotes in No Weddings and a Funeral
✅ unlocked at 7/21/2022, 9:27:12 PM
5 points
Aku BrosAku Bros
Beat the Tiki Bros.
✅ unlocked at 7/13/2022, 8:30:53 AM
5 points
Pig Isn’t My AppetitePig Isn’t My Appetite
Defeat Mooshoo
✅ unlocked at 7/14/2022, 9:02:05 AM
5 points
King of the MonstersKing of the Monsters
Defeat Mecharez
✅ unlocked at 7/15/2022, 10:55:37 PM
5 points
There Goes My TaxesThere Goes My Taxes
In the fight against Mecharez, destroy the buildings in all possible ways
✅ unlocked at 12/6/2023, 1:20:46 PM
3 points
Screens upScreens up
Defeat Rez in the final battle
✅ unlocked at 7/17/2022, 11:33:55 PM
10 points
All Right! It’s Tail Time!All Right! It’s Tail Time!
Beat Rez (Phase 1) by only using your tail
✅ unlocked at 7/17/2022, 11:26:19 PM
5 points
Gecko. Gex Gecko.Gecko. Gex Gecko.
Beat the game with every remote collected
✅ unlocked at 9/10/2022, 3:35:40 AM
25 points
That’s the Sweet Stuff, Darling!That’s the Sweet Stuff, Darling!
Beat a Bonus Bonanza
✅ unlocked at 7/13/2022, 7:58:14 AM
5 points
Sweet Like Candy!Sweet Like Candy!
Beat all Bonus Bonanzas
✅ unlocked at 9/7/2022, 1:48:13 AM
10 points
Three More and I’ll Have the Whole SetThree More and I’ll Have the Whole Set
Beat a Secret Level
✅ unlocked at 7/15/2022, 8:34:13 PM
5 points
Need It! Need It! Need It!Need It! Need It! Need It!
Collect all the remotes in the Secret Levels
✅ unlocked at 9/10/2022, 1:08:54 AM
10 points
Evolve or Get Out of My Way, PalEvolve or Get Out of My Way, Pal
Watch the 1st Lost Gex Tape
✅ unlocked at 12/28/2023, 2:47:51 AM
2 points
Judo-Chop Baby Yeah!Judo-Chop Baby Yeah!
Watch the 2nd Lost Gex Tape
✅ unlocked at 7/19/2022, 2:47:53 AM
2 points
Lock and Load, Little LizardLock and Load, Little Lizard
Watch the 3rd Lost Gex Tape
✅ unlocked at 9/7/2022, 2:32:33 AM
2 points
Faith Hope UnityFaith Hope Unity
See the hidden message at the Media Dimension
✅ unlocked at 12/28/2023, 1:12:05 AM
1 points
Hello There, My Secret Friend!Hello There, My Secret Friend!
Find and smash the secret TV in Out of Toon
✅ unlocked at 12/28/2023, 2:13:58 AM
3 points
Secret Gex HTMLSecret Gex HTML
Congratulations, you found the Secret Web Page!
✅ unlocked at 12/28/2023, 1:00:31 AM
2 points
He Sure Is a Funny GexHe Sure Is a Funny Gex
Read the hidden messages in the fight against Mooshoo Pork
✅ unlocked at 12/28/2023, 12:40:26 AM
1 points
Get an extra life by collecting 50 collectables from the 3rd category
✅ unlocked at 7/13/2022, 7:49:14 AM
1 points
Slip of the TongueSlip of the Tongue
At Frankensteinfeld, get the remote "Stick Across the Ceiling Maze" without climbing any wall
✅ unlocked at 12/13/2023, 2:57:48 PM
10 points
Gex, Can You Read Me?Gex, Can You Read Me?
At The Umpire Strikes Out, get the remote "Ride the Rocket" without using the rocket
✅ unlocked at 12/20/2023, 11:06:46 AM
5 points
Have Fun Storming the Castle!Have Fun Storming the Castle!
At Fine Tooning, get the remote "Storm the Castle" without releasing the boat
✅ unlocked at 7/17/2022, 2:28:03 AM
5 points
Parkour Through the WebParkour Through the Web
At Honey I Shrunk The Gecko, get the remote "Find the IO Tower" using only one charge
✅ unlocked at 12/6/2023, 1:08:49 PM
10 points
Is This the Year of the Gecko?Is This the Year of the Gecko?
At Samurai Night Fever, get the remote "Climb the Towering Temple" without opening any black gates
✅ unlocked at 7/17/2022, 11:10:19 PM
25 points
I Don’t Think That’s Good AirI Don’t Think That’s Good Air
At Pain in the Asteroids, get the remote "Ride the Warp Tube" without using any charging station
✅ unlocked at 12/20/2023, 9:18:17 AM
25 points
Gecko Stew, Anyone?Gecko Stew, Anyone?
Defeat the Tiki Bros. without getting hit
✅ unlocked at 7/14/2022, 8:58:57 AM
5 points
Fried BaconFried Bacon
Defeat Mooshoo Pork without getting hit
✅ unlocked at 7/14/2022, 9:02:07 AM
5 points
Neon Gex-esis EvangelionNeon Gex-esis Evangelion
Defeat Mecharez without getting hit
✅ unlocked at 7/15/2022, 10:55:39 PM
10 points
Hero of the Media DimensionHero of the Media Dimension
Defeat Rez without getting hit
✅ unlocked at 12/28/2023, 3:11:45 AM
10 points
Gecko RuinsGecko Ruins
Complete Aztec 2 Step with at least 1m40s left
✅ unlocked at 11/29/2023, 10:38:14 AM
10 points
Horror MazeHorror Maze
Complete Thursday The 12th with at least 2min left
✅ unlocked at 11/29/2023, 10:11:49 AM
10 points
Chase in the AlleysChase in the Alleys
Complete In Drag Net with at least 1m40s left
✅ unlocked at 11/29/2023, 11:29:02 AM
10 points
I Always Enjoyed Learning a New TongueI Always Enjoyed Learning a New Tongue
Complete The Spy Who Loved Himself with at least 1m20s left
✅ unlocked at 11/29/2023, 3:18:33 PM
10 points
So This Is New JerseySo This Is New Jersey
Complete I Got the Reruns with at least 1m40s left
✅ unlocked at 12/6/2023, 11:48:25 AM
10 points
Should’ve Taken a Left TurnShould’ve Taken a Left Turn
Complete Trouble in Uranus with at least 2 min left
✅ unlocked at 11/30/2023, 9:14:53 AM
10 points
Past the Sacred LakePast the Sacred Lake
Complete Lizard in a China Shop with at least 1m55s left
✅ unlocked at 9/7/2022, 1:43:18 AM
10 points
This Is Bugging Me OutThis Is Bugging Me Out
Complete Bugged Out with at least 50 sec left
✅ unlocked at 12/6/2023, 11:58:51 AM
10 points
Up the LoadUp the Load
Complete Chips & Dips with at least 1m30s left
✅ unlocked at 11/29/2023, 4:24:57 PM
10 points
Soylent Green Is Geckos!Soylent Green Is Geckos!
Collect 120 items in Lava Daba Doo and get an extra life without dying
✅ unlocked at 12/28/2023, 1:33:29 AM
5 points
It Beats the Matterhorn, What You Going to Do?It Beats the Matterhorn, What You Going to Do?
Collect 120 items in Texas Chainsaw Manicure and get an extra life without dying
✅ unlocked at 12/28/2023, 1:59:03 AM
5 points
Please Die CarefullyPlease Die Carefully
Collect 120 items in Mazed and Confused and get an extra life without dying
✅ unlocked at 9/10/2022, 1:02:20 AM
5 points
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