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Vertical EscapeVertical Escape
You caught sight of a youthful chase tracing the edge of danger.
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 12:28:47 PM
83 Gamerscore
I Believe I Can... OhI Believe I Can... Oh
You thought you could fly... but you were wrong.
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 12:25:26 PM
83 Gamerscore
Slice of FrightSlice of Fright
It's not all about mozzarella and tomato sauce here!
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 12:29:48 PM
83 Gamerscore
Crumble's CaressCrumble's Caress
Teased the essence of crumble, yet remained unbroken.
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 1:51:59 PM
83 Gamerscore
Stone DignityStone Dignity
In the hushed depths, serenity is restored with the shift of stone.
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 12:41:49 PM
83 Gamerscore
Platform SipPlatform Sip
You've sought solace in a simple, effervescent indulgence.
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 12:42:42 PM
83 Gamerscore
Clean ConductClean Conduct
In the midst of your journey, you didn't forget the importance of cleanliness.
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 12:42:58 PM
83 Gamerscore
Fluid FormFluid Form
You unveiled a familiar shifting figure.
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 1:36:19 PM
83 Gamerscore
Junior DetectiveJunior Detective
You asked the smallest voices for the biggest help.
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 1:40:52 PM
83 Gamerscore
Freedom's LightFreedom's Light
As the silhouette of the past fades, the light embraces the liberated.
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 2:07:34 PM
87 Gamerscore
Reality CheckReality Check
Sometimes, people aren't ready to face the real world.
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 12:27:42 PM
83 Gamerscore
Every custom fail cut-scene? Busted! You've seen it all.
✅ unlocked at 10/6/2023, 1:54:48 PM
83 Gamerscore
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