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Seth's officeSeth's office
You have opened the guard's office in the forest lodge.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:04:09 AM
35 Gamerscore
The secret passageThe secret passage
You have discovered the secret passage hidden in the catacombs.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:07:19 AM
35 Gamerscore
Across the lakeAcross the lake
You have entered Lewelin Mansion.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:10:55 AM
35 Gamerscore
A lonely deathA lonely death
You discovered Dr. Lewelin's corpse.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:25:25 AM
35 Gamerscore
The threshold of horrorThe threshold of horror
You have successfully entered the hospital.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:38:20 AM
35 Gamerscore
Deadly chaseDeadly chase
You survived an Omega attack.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:41:34 AM
35 Gamerscore
The lowest floor of the liftThe lowest floor of the lift
You have arrived at the nuclear reactor.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:49:28 AM
35 Gamerscore
Charon's coinCharon's coin
You have collected the coin of Charon.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:54:11 AM
35 Gamerscore
Dara's homeDara's home
A happy ending?
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:56:31 AM
200 Gamerscore
First document retrievedFirst document retrieved
You have retrieved the first document of the mission.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:04:32 AM
35 Gamerscore
Second document retrievedSecond document retrieved
You have retrieved the second document from the mission.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:31:31 AM
35 Gamerscore
Third document retrievedThird document retrieved
You have retrieved the third document of the mission.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:47:23 AM
35 Gamerscore
An ear for musicAn ear for music
You have solved the puzzle of the Lewelin Mansion piano.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:17:33 AM
40 Gamerscore
Agatha's favourite songAgatha's favourite song
You have played the record on the gramophone and opened the door to the library.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:30:12 AM
35 Gamerscore
Lights and shadowsLights and shadows
You have completed the magic lanterns puzzle.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:37:10 AM
40 Gamerscore
Curious by natureCurious by nature
You have played the other piano in the Lewelin Mansion.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:19:06 AM
50 Gamerscore
Until death do us partUntil death do us part
You have inspected the rings of Agatha and Arthemius Lewelin.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:29:13 AM
50 Gamerscore
The impatient oneThe impatient one
You tried to cross the lake before entering the lodge in the forest.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 10:59:14 AM
50 Gamerscore
There is something strange here...There is something strange here...
You've seen something moving on the lower floor.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:03:06 AM
50 Gamerscore
Spectres from the pastSpectres from the past
You have collected all the pictures of the characters.
✅ unlocked at 2/21/2024, 11:49:46 AM
100 Gamerscore
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