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The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation Progress

The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvationmore about The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation
100.0% complete

18 / 18 🏆
1000 / 1000 points

Protected by Divine PowerProtected by Divine Power
Use mobile toilet for the first time.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 10:13:42 AM
40 Gamerscore
Girl Carrying A DollGirl Carrying A Doll
Complete the preparations for Kimodameshi live stream.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 10:26:34 AM
40 Gamerscore
Getting It on the First TryGetting It on the First Try
Successfully arrange Exorcise Evil Formation.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 10:37:10 AM
40 Gamerscore
Whose Heart was Never HurtWhose Heart was Never Hurt
Complete research on HsinChiao's past.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 10:46:59 AM
40 Gamerscore
Dating AttractionDating Attraction
Reach the 4th floor of the Girl's Dorm.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 10:58:18 AM
60 Gamerscore
Whose Child?Whose Child?
Something that cried causes your death for the first time.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 10:45:26 AM
60 Gamerscore
Money CamouflageMoney Camouflage
Successfully explore the secrets of the Law School classroom.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 11:05:32 AM
60 Gamerscore
Different People Specialize in Different ProDifferent People Specialize in Different Pro
Successfully decipher riddles in the Exorcism Wiki.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 11:35:08 AM
60 Gamerscore
Seeing through VanitySeeing through Vanity
Successfully crack the secrets of the Department of Philosophy classroom.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 11:38:09 AM
60 Gamerscore
Master of Time ManagementMaster of Time Management
Play mobile game on the toilet.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 11:40:38 AM
60 Gamerscore
See No EvilSee No Evil
Reach scene of the accident.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 8:30:15 PM
60 Gamerscore
Hide-and-Seek ExpertHide-and-Seek Expert
Obtain Makeup and Hair Classroom key.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 8:38:24 PM
60 Gamerscore
Haunting SpecterHaunting Specter
Enter Cursed Bridge for the first time.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 8:44:56 PM
60 Gamerscore
Love CrawlerLove Crawler
Enter Chemistry Classroom to view past memories.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 8:49:10 PM
60 Gamerscore
Conveying Love through LettersConveying Love through Letters
Obtain old letters.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 8:54:16 PM
60 Gamerscore
Mortuary Makeup ArtistMortuary Makeup Artist
Successfully fill in missing body organs.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 9:10:32 PM
60 Gamerscore
Waiting for SalvationWaiting for Salvation
Complete finale: Thank You.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 9:15:51 PM
60 Gamerscore
Karma in My EyesKarma in My Eyes
Strangled to death by the hair of the female ghost for the first time.
✅ unlocked at 11/20/2023, 8:27:15 PM
60 Gamerscore
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