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Greed: The Mad Scientist Progress

Greed: The Mad Scientistmore about Greed: The Mad Scientist
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The elevatorThe elevator
Fix the elevator and make your way to the roof
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:28:02 PM
30 Gamerscore
The final cureThe final cure
Create the cure following Dr. Goodwin's instructions
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:46:37 PM
80 Gamerscore
Inside the LabInside the Lab
Enter the lab to get away from the monster
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 1:59:20 PM
30 Gamerscore
Looking for evidenceLooking for evidence
Search Dr. Goodwin's office for important evidence
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:10:28 PM
30 Gamerscore
The back of the labThe back of the lab
Explore the area behind Pontoon laboratories
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:11:29 PM
30 Gamerscore
The antennaThe antenna
Solve the contraption on the dish antenna on the roof
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:32:34 PM
30 Gamerscore
The radiology labThe radiology lab
Open the radiology lab using Dr. Goodwin's access card
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:36:29 PM
30 Gamerscore
The elixirThe elixir
Prepare the elixir required for the final cure
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:45:26 PM
40 Gamerscore
Bats everywhere!Bats everywhere!
Remove the bats infesting the tunnel
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:42:08 PM
40 Gamerscore
Dr. Goodwin's officeDr. Goodwin's office
Find a way to enter Dr. Goodwin's office
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:07:35 PM
30 Gamerscore
To the first floorTo the first floor
Make your way to the first floor and continue your investigation
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:19:12 PM
30 Gamerscore
The lab in the tunnelThe lab in the tunnel
Open and explore the abandoned lab inside the tunnel
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:44:20 PM
40 Gamerscore
Outside the LabOutside the Lab
Make your way inside the premises of Pontoon Laboratories
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 1:51:55 PM
30 Gamerscore
The skeletonThe skeleton
Complete the skeleton in Dr. Goodwin's office and find out its purpose
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:16:03 PM
30 Gamerscore
Barwick's officeBarwick's office
Open Barwick's office and see what he was up to
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:26:36 PM
30 Gamerscore
Goodwin's AwardsGoodwin's Awards
Collect all Dr. Goodwin's Awards
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:39:56 PM
60 Gamerscore
The Lab monsterThe Lab monster
Search the lab for any survivors
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 1:59:39 PM
30 Gamerscore
Dr. Goodwin's secret roomDr. Goodwin's secret room
Find out what lies inside Dr. Goodwin's secret room
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:17:00 PM
30 Gamerscore
The mysterious briefcaseThe mysterious briefcase
Open the mysterious briefcase lying in the washroom
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:23:58 PM
30 Gamerscore
The roofThe roof
Search the roof area for more evidence
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:29:58 PM
30 Gamerscore
The trainThe train
Fix the train and find out where the track leads
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:41:44 PM
40 Gamerscore
Collect all Radioactive Items
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:43:16 PM
60 Gamerscore
Talk to Sara
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 1:48:26 PM
30 Gamerscore
Dr. Goodwin's messageDr. Goodwin's message
Play the CCTV recording found in Dr. Goodwin's office
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:10:50 PM
30 Gamerscore
The antenna secret roomThe antenna secret room
Search what Dr. Goodwin was hiding in his secret room under the antenna
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:32:58 PM
30 Gamerscore
The X-Ray roomThe X-Ray room
Curb the radiation leak in the X-Ray room and search inside
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:40:27 PM
40 Gamerscore
Who is the monster?Who is the monster?
Find out who the monster is
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:15:48 PM
30 Gamerscore
Dr. Goodwin's secret messageDr. Goodwin's secret message
Play the CD that you found in Dr. Goodwin's safe
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 2:17:21 PM
30 Gamerscore
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