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Time on Frog Island Progress

Time on Frog Islandmore about Time on Frog Island
100.0% complete

35 / 35 🏆
1000 / 1000 points

Frogs LegsFrogs Legs
Jump 1000 times
10 Gamerscore
Throw 1000 items
10 Gamerscore
Sea LegsSea Legs
Walk 10km
10 Gamerscore
Evaluate the damage from the storm
5 Gamerscore
Hoist the SailsHoist the Sails
Replace your ripped sail with a new one
25 Gamerscore
Secure the SheetsSecure the Sheets
Replace your torn rope with a new one
25 Gamerscore
Hands on the HelmHands on the Helm
Replace your broken wheel with a new one
25 Gamerscore
Replace the RudderReplace the Rudder
Replace your broken rudder with a new one
25 Gamerscore
The Journey ContinuesThe Journey Continues
Leave the island in your fixed boat
75 Gamerscore
Crunch TimeCrunch Time
Complete the game within 5 (in-game) days
100 Gamerscore
Speak to every frog on the island
15 Gamerscore
Who Even Needs KeysWho Even Needs Keys
Obtain the Ice Herb before opening the mountain door
25 Gamerscore
One with the frogsOne with the frogs
Complete every quest and fully build your house
100 Gamerscore
Shrub-Seeing: Lights in the skyShrub-Seeing: Lights in the sky
Take your pet plant up the mountain to see the northern lights
20 Gamerscore
Shrub-Seeing: TownlifeShrub-Seeing: Townlife
Take your pet plant into the town to see the frogs
20 Gamerscore
Shrub-Seeing: Ruins of oldShrub-Seeing: Ruins of old
Take your pet plant to the western island to see the ruins
20 Gamerscore
Shrub-Seeing: Silly BirbsShrub-Seeing: Silly Birbs
Take your pet plant to the western island to see the Dodos
20 Gamerscore
Shrub-Seeing: Ancient ExtractorShrub-Seeing: Ancient Extractor
Take your pet plant to the eastern island to see the strange ruin
20 Gamerscore
Shrub-Seeing: Seen it all!Shrub-Seeing: Seen it all!
Take your pet plant to see all the sights
50 Gamerscore
Sleep in every camp
15 Gamerscore
Sailor SwiftSailor Swift
Find and complete the hidden time trial
30 Gamerscore
No EvilNo Evil
Complete the frog statue ritual
100 Gamerscore
Mad ScientistMad Scientist
Brew your first potion
15 Gamerscore
Caught Ya!Caught Ya!
Catch your first fish
15 Gamerscore
Safe InvestmentSafe Investment
Duplicate a coin by farming it
15 Gamerscore
Bank of MeBank of Me
Purchase something from the merchants shop
15 Gamerscore
Honey, I'm HomeHoney, I'm Home
Proudly display a honeycomb in your house
15 Gamerscore
Ask a frog about the same item 3 times in a row
15 Gamerscore
Return to senderReturn to sender
Throw an item then grab it with your tongue before it hits the ground
15 Gamerscore
Fantastic FungiFantastic Fungi
Grow every bounce mushroom on the island
15 Gamerscore
Knock over all of the carefully stacked stones in a day
15 Gamerscore
Just Here for the FoodJust Here for the Food
Complete the tavern questline before accepting any boat pieces
30 Gamerscore
Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home
Pay The Carpenter to build all three stages of your house
30 Gamerscore
Falling with StyleFalling with Style
Stay airborne for 7.5 seconds
30 Gamerscore
Froggy FriendshipFroggy Friendship
Complete all of The Cartographer's quests
30 Gamerscore
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