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The Bandcamp Bait 'n SwitchThe Bandcamp Bait 'n Switch
Got on a bus to save your video store from loan sharks.
✅ unlocked at 3/20/2024, 4:04:17 AM
25 Gamerscore
The Burblo BoondoggleThe Burblo Boondoggle
Grabbed enough money for a train ticket.
✅ unlocked at 3/29/2024, 3:52:08 AM
25 Gamerscore
The Hormliner HustleThe Hormliner Hustle
Conned more money than Ted on your way up the train.
✅ unlocked at 4/4/2024, 12:14:34 AM
25 Gamerscore
The Kabaczky ConfusionThe Kabaczky Confusion
Stole a lot of money from... the Kabaczkys.
✅ unlocked at 4/15/2024, 6:20:54 AM
25 Gamerscore
The Desert DialtoneThe Desert Dialtone
Took a wrong turn in the desert and found a little guidance.
✅ unlocked at 4/18/2024, 12:05:01 AM
25 Gamerscore
The Suit-Up SurpriseThe Suit-Up Surprise
Snuck your way into a casino, dressed for success.
✅ unlocked at 4/23/2024, 6:18:55 AM
25 Gamerscore
The Casino Case-OutThe Casino Case-Out
Saved Linda's Video from Ricky.
✅ unlocked at 4/30/2024, 1:50:59 AM
25 Gamerscore
The Big ConThe Big Con
Finished your adventure and told your mom everything.
✅ unlocked at 4/30/2024, 1:54:08 AM
94 Gamerscore
The Flin Flon FlimflamThe Flin Flon Flimflam
Stole an out-of-state drivers license from some guy from Saskatchewan.
✅ unlocked at 4/11/2024, 1:20:48 AM
10 Gamerscore
Lorgo and the FlungusLorgo and the Flungus
Learned about how the stock market works.
✅ unlocked at 3/30/2024, 7:17:54 AM
10 Gamerscore
That's a Good FlungusThat's a Good Flungus
Helped a well-meaning stockbroker with a thoroughly-researched tip.
✅ unlocked at 4/1/2024, 5:08:09 AM
20 Gamerscore
Third Time's a FlungusThird Time's a Flungus
Honestly, we just wanted you to hear the word Flungus one more time.
✅ unlocked at 3/31/2024, 7:04:09 AM
1 Gamerscore
The JokerThe Joker
Coached a comedian for his big stage show, but respectfully did not attend.
✅ unlocked at 4/6/2024, 2:09:26 AM
20 Gamerscore
The SmokerThe Smoker
Taught a smoker that smoking isn't cool, but giving money to strangers is.
✅ unlocked at 4/25/2024, 1:07:24 AM
20 Gamerscore
The LoverThe Lover
Helped reunite two distant lovers, even if one of them was kinda annoying.
✅ unlocked at 4/24/2024, 4:45:08 AM
20 Gamerscore
The Periwinkle TakeoverThe Periwinkle Takeover
Witnessed a town of people wear the next great fashion craze.
✅ unlocked at 4/30/2024, 1:51:33 AM
20 Gamerscore
The Squeaky StrangerThe Squeaky Stranger
Helped a strange, cheese-obsessed person find a connection in this crazy, mixed-up world.
✅ unlocked at 4/30/2024, 1:52:54 AM
20 Gamerscore
The Big SneakThe Big Sneak
Got way too deep in the underground shoe game.
✅ unlocked at 4/12/2024, 5:18:13 AM
200 Gamerscore
The Old SwitcherooThe Old Switcheroo
Took Ted's briefcase without participating in his contest.
✅ unlocked at 4/30/2024, 1:46:30 AM
100 Gamerscore
The Last Minute Birthday PartyThe Last Minute Birthday Party
Helped the collector realize he's kind of a cool guy.
✅ unlocked at 4/30/2024, 1:41:38 AM
10 Gamerscore
The TruthThe Truth
Told your mom the truth, it's her fault if she doesn't believe you, right?
✅ unlocked at 4/5/2024, 1:35:17 AM
5 Gamerscore
The Whole TruthThe Whole Truth
Phoned your mom in every town, parking lot, and hotel you could.
✅ unlocked at 4/26/2024, 5:38:52 AM
99 Gamerscore
The Legitimate HustleThe Legitimate Hustle
Rewound tapes for money and earned back everything they took from you.
✅ unlocked at 3/21/2024, 1:15:51 AM
15 Gamerscore
The Heatstroke HallucinationThe Heatstroke Hallucination
Got lost and found the worst place on earth.
✅ unlocked at 4/17/2024, 7:14:48 AM
15 Gamerscore
The Dusty TossThe Dusty Toss
Was politely asked to leave a moving train.
✅ unlocked at 4/3/2024, 4:18:43 AM
15 Gamerscore
The Huxtor's FinestThe Huxtor's Finest
Got caught once too many times in the Huxtor.
✅ unlocked at 4/30/2024, 1:44:03 AM
15 Gamerscore
The Tape Never LiesThe Tape Never Lies
Called Mari from the road and played it real cool.
✅ unlocked at 3/24/2024, 9:20:29 PM
5 Gamerscore
The Best Friend ShuffleThe Best Friend Shuffle
Called Mari from the road and she actually picked up this time.
✅ unlocked at 4/19/2024, 12:44:01 AM
50 Gamerscore
The First TimerThe First Timer
Who knew it could be this easy?
✅ unlocked at 3/15/2024, 6:07:29 AM
1 Gamerscore
The ProtectionistThe Protectionist
Became friends with Murray, while he shook people down in Las Venganza.
✅ unlocked at 4/14/2024, 7:11:22 AM
10 Gamerscore
The FraudsterThe Fraudster
Stole some wallets for Myrna. Wonder what she's gonna do with those...
✅ unlocked at 4/13/2024, 2:09:26 AM
10 Gamerscore
The WatcherThe Watcher
Got a Gold Fanny Pack for Dan as a thanks for spying on the locals.
✅ unlocked at 4/7/2024, 10:02:52 PM
10 Gamerscore
The Big CornucopiaThe Big Cornucopia
Helped the grocer remember the old days.
✅ unlocked at 3/16/2024, 12:35:28 AM
10 Gamerscore
The Film BuffThe Film Buff
Found 6 VHS tapes hidden throughout the game.
✅ unlocked at 4/20/2024, 10:21:43 PM
15 Gamerscore
The Collector's GambitThe Collector's Gambit
Met the collector and added to his collection. What does he do with this stuff?
✅ unlocked at 3/28/2024, 12:15:15 AM
5 Gamerscore
The SkaterThe Skater
Challenged an adventurer and won... sort of?
✅ unlocked at 4/20/2024, 12:56:04 AM
25 Gamerscore
The Three Kids In A Trench CoatThe Three Kids In A Trench Coat
Helped some mysterious strangers complete their collection.
✅ unlocked at 4/30/2024, 1:42:29 AM
25 Gamerscore
The Stickiest SituationThe Stickiest Situation
Show a complete sticker collection to a fellow collector.
✅ unlocked at 4/30/2024, 1:52:12 AM
100 Gamerscore
Sticky Fingers LisbonSticky Fingers Lisbon
Found some additions to your sticker collection in your home town.
✅ unlocked at 3/18/2024, 6:15:35 PM
5 Gamerscore
Sticky Fingers MalltonSticky Fingers Mallton
Found some additions to your sticker collection in a huge mall.
✅ unlocked at 3/27/2024, 1:28:01 AM
5 Gamerscore
Sticky Fingers Midlands HormlinerSticky Fingers Midlands Hormliner
Found some additions to your sticker collection on a moving train.
✅ unlocked at 4/2/2024, 12:39:21 AM
5 Gamerscore
Sticky Fingers Las VenganzaSticky Fingers Las Venganza
Found some additions to your sticker collection in a big city.
✅ unlocked at 4/6/2024, 10:46:40 PM
5 Gamerscore
Sticky Fingers PerdidoSticky Fingers Perdido
Found some additions to your sticker collection in a weird desert.
✅ unlocked at 4/16/2024, 1:03:28 AM
2 Gamerscore
Sticky Fingers Las Venganza RevistedSticky Fingers Las Venganza Revisted
Found some MORE additions to your sticker collection in a big city.
✅ unlocked at 4/21/2024, 7:47:28 PM
5 Gamerscore
Sticky Fingers CasinoSticky Fingers Casino
Found some additions to your sticker collection in a bustling casino.
✅ unlocked at 4/30/2024, 1:43:01 AM
5 Gamerscore
The Video Store EmployeeThe Video Store Employee
Showed up to work kinda sorta on time.
✅ unlocked at 3/11/2024, 2:54:50 AM
5 Gamerscore
The ChangebreakerThe Changebreaker
Learned how to make something out of nothing with a little changebreaking magic.
✅ unlocked at 3/26/2024, 5:57:58 AM
15 Gamerscore
The Giant Block of HormThe Giant Block of Horm
Used a hideous block of processed meat to make someone laugh.
✅ unlocked at 4/30/2024, 1:49:23 AM
200 Gamerscore
The Taking Candy from a BabyThe Taking Candy from a Baby
Like taking candy from a baby...'s over protective mom.
✅ unlocked at 3/14/2024, 3:06:53 AM
8 Gamerscore
A Rad AchievementA Rad Achievement
Whoa, that's a pretty rad score you got on Rad Skater.
✅ unlocked at 3/22/2024, 12:29:01 AM
15 Gamerscore
A Radder AchievementA Radder Achievement
WHOA, how did you do that?
✅ unlocked at 3/22/2024, 11:41:18 PM
25 Gamerscore
This is a higher score than anyone on the dev team ever has or ever will achieve.
✅ unlocked at 3/23/2024, 10:39:00 PM
50 Gamerscore
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