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Red HerringRed Herring
It worked!
✅ unlocked at 3/10/2024, 2:04:26 AM
10 Gamerscore
Peeing upside down since 2012!
✅ unlocked at 3/10/2024, 9:20:01 PM
10 Gamerscore
Made it all the way!Made it all the way!
And what for?
✅ unlocked at 4/2/2024, 10:03:28 PM
10 Gamerscore
It's good to be short!It's good to be short!
But not always!
✅ unlocked at 3/11/2024, 7:59:30 PM
10 Gamerscore
Beat dude with another dude!Beat dude with another dude!
Where's my dude, dude?
✅ unlocked at 3/13/2024, 1:07:16 AM
10 Gamerscore
What what?What what?
Where did it go?
✅ unlocked at 3/17/2024, 10:30:55 PM
10 Gamerscore
You scared it!You scared it!
You monster!
✅ unlocked at 3/18/2024, 3:33:21 PM
10 Gamerscore
The birth of a salary manThe birth of a salary man
Born to work (aren't we all?)
✅ unlocked at 3/20/2024, 11:48:55 PM
10 Gamerscore
I command this caterpillar!I command this caterpillar!
Go and search for fake money!
✅ unlocked at 3/21/2024, 3:21:20 PM
10 Gamerscore
Food thief!Food thief!
The food belongs to the colony!
✅ unlocked at 3/17/2024, 2:46:20 AM
10 Gamerscore
Forbidden love!Forbidden love!
Ahh, will they ever be together?
✅ unlocked at 3/19/2024, 9:36:03 PM
10 Gamerscore
I peed your pants.I peed your pants.
✅ unlocked at 3/24/2024, 7:28:51 PM
10 Gamerscore
Learn to love!Learn to love!
That bomb didn't do anything bad (yet!)
✅ unlocked at 3/22/2024, 7:07:04 PM
10 Gamerscore
Dead end!Dead end!
✅ unlocked at 3/23/2024, 8:56:07 PM
10 Gamerscore
McPixel is mom now!McPixel is mom now!
Free range mom, too!
✅ unlocked at 3/25/2024, 9:10:07 PM
10 Gamerscore
It's the new best thing!
✅ unlocked at 3/26/2024, 3:17:35 PM
10 Gamerscore
Nuclear dumpster diving!Nuclear dumpster diving!
What can we find here?
✅ unlocked at 3/27/2024, 3:34:54 PM
10 Gamerscore
Hello World!Hello World!
I drew this!
✅ unlocked at 3/28/2024, 7:13:11 PM
10 Gamerscore
Manual transmission chopper!Manual transmission chopper!
They don't make them like they used to!
✅ unlocked at 4/3/2024, 11:10:29 PM
10 Gamerscore
Ice Swimming!Ice Swimming!
It's the new cool thing!
✅ unlocked at 3/30/2024, 9:24:13 PM
10 Gamerscore
You can't hitch a bus!You can't hitch a bus!
Or can you?
✅ unlocked at 3/29/2024, 2:57:51 PM
10 Gamerscore
Do you have a spare asteroid?Do you have a spare asteroid?
I might be addicted.
✅ unlocked at 3/15/2024, 2:06:40 AM
10 Gamerscore
I can't believe you've done that!I can't believe you've done that!
He was sleeping!
✅ unlocked at 4/1/2024, 1:13:51 AM
10 Gamerscore
Slay the lamb!Slay the lamb!
It will bring upon destruction!
✅ unlocked at 4/1/2024, 11:58:43 PM
10 Gamerscore
My people need me!My people need me!
And worst of all, I'm late for work!
✅ unlocked at 4/4/2024, 7:36:04 PM
10 Gamerscore
Shoot'em up!Shoot'em up!
Wait, that's not what it's called!
✅ unlocked at 4/8/2024, 9:23:24 PM
10 Gamerscore
Well done!Well done!
✅ unlocked at 4/6/2024, 3:57:16 PM
10 Gamerscore
Now that's a danger noodleNow that's a danger noodle
With a case of nuclear munchies!
✅ unlocked at 4/7/2024, 3:21:56 PM
10 Gamerscore
Let some fresh air in!Let some fresh air in!
Like that one roommate who always opens the window!
✅ unlocked at 4/9/2024, 10:04:21 PM
10 Gamerscore
I love computersI love computers
So good
✅ unlocked at 4/5/2024, 8:43:22 PM
10 Gamerscore
Thanks for waiting!Thanks for waiting!
You shouldn't have!
✅ unlocked at 4/11/2024, 12:03:08 AM
10 Gamerscore
The funniest joke in the worldThe funniest joke in the world
It even tells you when to laugh!
✅ unlocked at 4/12/2024, 12:49:09 AM
10 Gamerscore
Is there candy inside?Is there candy inside?
One way to find out!
✅ unlocked at 4/13/2024, 7:03:10 PM
10 Gamerscore
And this is how I met him...And this is how I met him...
Pants down best looking guy in town!
✅ unlocked at 4/17/2024, 11:31:45 PM
10 Gamerscore
My car is so pushyMy car is so pushy
Pushy car, pushy car! push it all around!
✅ unlocked at 4/15/2024, 1:56:22 AM
10 Gamerscore
Wrong wire!Wrong wire!
Sorry, you messed up.
✅ unlocked at 4/17/2024, 3:08:15 AM
10 Gamerscore
It's my car!It's my car!
Gotta make sure it smells like it!
✅ unlocked at 4/18/2024, 11:09:18 PM
10 Gamerscore
You have a right to remain silent!You have a right to remain silent!
It's only fair!
✅ unlocked at 4/13/2024, 12:43:08 AM
10 Gamerscore
What I always wanted to be when I grow up!What I always wanted to be when I grow up!
No human, no worries!
✅ unlocked at 4/15/2024, 11:54:27 PM
10 Gamerscore
You won't make it back in time.You won't make it back in time.
Not a chance.
✅ unlocked at 4/20/2024, 12:10:02 AM
10 Gamerscore
Right in the jimmy!Right in the jimmy!
It was in self defense!
10 Gamerscore
You're a snack!You're a snack!
...for workgroups!
10 Gamerscore
The bar for this dive was high!The bar for this dive was high!
It was a high dive bar to overcome!
10 Gamerscore
Keep your feet on the ground!Keep your feet on the ground!
Or are you burnt out already?
10 Gamerscore
Wait, wrong sports!
10 Gamerscore
Closing the gap!Closing the gap!
Baby steps!
10 Gamerscore
What's your goal there?What's your goal there?
10 Gamerscore
✅ unlocked at 4/24/2024, 1:50:58 AM
10 Gamerscore
Mom, I'm not a fish anymore!Mom, I'm not a fish anymore!
It was just a phase!
✅ unlocked at 4/23/2024, 3:37:45 AM
10 Gamerscore
Way to go!Way to go!
Feels like the end of the world
✅ unlocked at 4/25/2024, 12:59:57 AM
10 Gamerscore
Take this on your way down!Take this on your way down!
Down low!
10 Gamerscore
Awww, you didn't have to!Awww, you didn't have to!
Must've been love!
10 Gamerscore
Imma just hide in the cornerImma just hide in the corner
Wait for this to blow over
✅ unlocked at 4/26/2024, 2:54:59 AM
10 Gamerscore
Giving up is a virtue!Giving up is a virtue!
And worth it sometimes too!
10 Gamerscore
It's pants time!It's pants time!
10 Gamerscore
Please don't come again!Please don't come again!
10 Gamerscore
Not THAT game!Not THAT game!
What's the word?
10 Gamerscore
I understand!I understand!
It's the language of my people!
10 Gamerscore
Back my fish up!Back my fish up!
10 Gamerscore
This is the correct thing to do.
10 Gamerscore
BRB, gotta catch the train!BRB, gotta catch the train!
It's a bullet-time-train!
10 Gamerscore
Ok, bye!Ok, bye!
10 Gamerscore
The defendant is ready!The defendant is ready!
10 Gamerscore
Pee my ride!Pee my ride!
Full of gold!
10 Gamerscore
Uno, dos, tresUno, dos, tres
10 Gamerscore
This is my missile!This is my missile!
It has been marked!
10 Gamerscore
This is fishy!This is fishy!
Need to investigate!
10 Gamerscore
Take care of your eyeballs!Take care of your eyeballs!
Unless you have eyeballs of steel!
10 Gamerscore
Why did you pick this up?Why did you pick this up?
You know what this is, right?
10 Gamerscore
Why did you break it?Why did you break it?
Someone's gonna need it!
10 Gamerscore
You got hit by a smooth golden bar!You got hit by a smooth golden bar!
You are now worthy
10 Gamerscore
That's all of them!That's all of them!
Poor dudes!
10 Gamerscore
Throw it all away!Throw it all away!
Way to go!
10 Gamerscore
Babies are evil!Babies are evil!
But aren't we all?
10 Gamerscore
Achievement Number 1Achievement Number 1
10 Gamerscore
DJs don't stage dive, you maniac!DJs don't stage dive, you maniac!
Why would you do that?
10 Gamerscore
Can I get an 'amen'?Can I get an 'amen'?
No? Ok.
10 Gamerscore
Express elevator!Express elevator!
10 Gamerscore
Are we there yet?Are we there yet?
10 Gamerscore
It's actually quicker this way too.
10 Gamerscore
That was unnecessary.That was unnecessary.
At least you got an achievement, tho.
10 Gamerscore
Do the worm!Do the worm!
10 Gamerscore
Better call Sos!Better call Sos!
He knows all the solutions!
10 Gamerscore
The day is saved!The day is saved!
✅ unlocked at 3/14/2024, 12:34:28 AM
10 Gamerscore
All gags you can eat!All gags you can eat!
You found them!
✅ unlocked at 3/15/2024, 11:16:25 PM
10 Gamerscore
Stop beating my game!Stop beating my game!
10 Gamerscore
There is nothing else!There is nothing else!
You have found all gags in the world!
80 Gamerscore
You can p** the dogYou can p** the dog
Can I get a retweet for this?
✅ unlocked at 4/21/2024, 7:35:22 PM
10 Gamerscore
Date poacher!Date poacher!
At least it worked!
10 Gamerscore
Barbeque in my pants!Barbeque in my pants!
It's hot!
✅ unlocked at 4/20/2024, 10:11:03 PM
10 Gamerscore
Poop goes ploop!Poop goes ploop!
✅ unlocked at 3/9/2024, 12:54:02 AM
10 Gamerscore
Everybody clap!Everybody clap!
That's a good landing!
10 Gamerscore
Clear the path!Clear the path!
And get on it!
10 Gamerscore
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