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Work those calvesWork those calves
Jumped 1000 times
20 Gamerscore
Mind the gapMind the gap
Completed 10 gaps
10 Gamerscore
Mind (all) the gapsMind (all) the gaps
Completed 25 gaps
50 Gamerscore
Collected 10 collectibles
10 Gamerscore
Souvenir AddictionSouvenir Addiction
Collected 40 collectibles
50 Gamerscore
Tough oneTough one
Bailed 100 times
50 Gamerscore
Nice WorkoutNice Workout
Rode 50km
10 Gamerscore
Called the snowmobile 50 times
50 Gamerscore
Discount please!Discount please!
Called the snowmobile 500 times
50 Gamerscore
Just cruisingJust cruising
Rode 10 km with the snowmobile
10 Gamerscore
Looks easy on TVLooks easy on TV
Landed a double backflip
30 Gamerscore
Spin like it's 1998Spin like it's 1998
Landed a 1080
10 Gamerscore
Copernicus would be proudCopernicus would be proud
Spun a total of 360.000
50 Gamerscore
Brand ManagerBrand Manager
Landed a 540 Indy
10 Gamerscore
Spelling BeeSpelling Bee
Collected all the SHRED letters in a mission
100 Gamerscore
Looking like a ProLooking like a Pro
Unlocked all the gear in the game
100 Gamerscore
Knee highKnee high
Rode 10 km of deep snow
10 Gamerscore
Trying to impress me?Trying to impress me?
Got a Score of over 6666 in a single trick
10 Gamerscore
Make up your mindMake up your mind
Transfered 3 rails
10 Gamerscore
Drop goal!Drop goal!
Jumped over the Rugby pole at the park
10 Gamerscore
Planet ZebulonPlanet Zebulon
Completed the Fast As Hell Mission
10 Gamerscore
Chronicles of GnarniaChronicles of Gnarnia
Completed the Cliff Drop Mission
10 Gamerscore
Side Hits EuphoriaSide Hits Euphoria
Completed The Beat The Street Mission
10 Gamerscore
Endless blank canvasEndless blank canvas
Completed the AirBorne Mission
10 Gamerscore
Boss of the FactoryBoss of the Factory
Completed the Factory Worker Mission
10 Gamerscore
Natural PerfectionNatural Perfection
Completed the Forest Cross Mission
10 Gamerscore
This is money!This is money!
Completed the Hit The Streets Mission
10 Gamerscore
Tornados in the mountainsTornados in the mountains
Completed the Canyon Jump Mission
10 Gamerscore
The King of SpinThe King of Spin
Completed the Spin Dizzy Mission
10 Gamerscore
We are the pre-partyWe are the pre-party
Completed the We Own The Sky Mission
10 Gamerscore
Roof top runnerRoof top runner
Completed The Village Roof Run Mission
10 Gamerscore
The Stunt TeamThe Stunt Team
Completed The Dammed Mission
10 Gamerscore
Keeping steezy with SebbeKeeping steezy with Sebbe
Completed The Lawn Darts Mission
10 Gamerscore
Were you even invited?Were you even invited?
Rocked the invitational!
200 Gamerscore
Buddy ShredBuddy Shred
Played in a private session
20 Gamerscore
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