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Goat Simulator 3more about Goat Simulator 3
18.0% complete

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180 / 1000 points

I Watched the IntroI Watched the Intro
Sit through the intro
✅ unlocked at 4/16/2024, 1:33:57 AM
15 Gamerscore
Get squirted on by the Fossil Fuel mascot
15 Gamerscore
What a Waste of MoneyWhat a Waste of Money
Buy the Gators shoes
✅ unlocked at 4/21/2024, 9:08:12 PM
15 Gamerscore
Reach the StratosphereReach the Stratosphere
Get flung out of the map
✅ unlocked at 4/18/2024, 1:23:00 AM
15 Gamerscore
Run naked on the football field
15 Gamerscore
Who Baywatches the Baywatch?Who Baywatches the Baywatch?
Run on the beach in slow motion
✅ unlocked at 4/18/2024, 1:56:38 PM
15 Gamerscore
Use your Kärring to knock another Kärring down
✅ unlocked at 4/26/2024, 5:48:27 AM
15 Gamerscore
Where is It?Where is It?
Find That clown
15 Gamerscore
Give Big Foot some shoes
15 Gamerscore
Lick a banana as an Abominana
15 Gamerscore
Raider of the Lost Parking GarageRaider of the Lost Parking Garage
Find the perfectly round boulder
✅ unlocked at 4/25/2024, 1:24:24 AM
15 Gamerscore
You Trusted Your InstinctsYou Trusted Your Instincts
Complete all Instincts
15 Gamerscore
French FikaFrench Fika
Lick the croissant
15 Gamerscore
Real BuoyReal Buoy
Make like Pinocchio and get eaten!
✅ unlocked at 4/24/2024, 5:12:35 AM
15 Gamerscore
A Center for Ants?A Center for Ants?
Interact with the shrunken shrink house
30 Gamerscore
Egg SimulatorEgg Simulator
Become an Egg
✅ unlocked at 4/23/2024, 6:47:31 AM
30 Gamerscore
Equip the [REDACTED] while playing as [REDACTED] with the [REDACTED] fur
30 Gamerscore
Move! That! Bus!Move! That! Bus!
Redecorate the entire Goat Castle
30 Gamerscore
Into the MatrixInto the Matrix
Find the trainstation
15 Gamerscore
Beauty, Mindfulness and MeditationBeauty, Mindfulness and Meditation
Sit through the entire yoga session
30 Gamerscore
Black MarketBlack Market
Find the shady merchant
30 Gamerscore
Car CaveCar Cave
Find the secret garage
30 Gamerscore
Club MohairClub Mohair
Enter the super secret container rave
30 Gamerscore
San Angora: Become HumanSan Angora: Become Human
Unlock the Capra Erectus
30 Gamerscore
Jump off all Ramps
30 Gamerscore
Certified FreshCertified Fresh
Find all movie tapes
30 Gamerscore
Forgotten SororityForgotten Sorority
Goat Castle - Reach F Tier
✅ unlocked at 4/17/2024, 7:36:40 AM
15 Gamerscore
Goat QueenGoat Queen
Become Queen of all the goats
50 Gamerscore
Welcome to EarthWelcome to Earth
Start the Alien invasion
15 Gamerscore
Private ClubPrivate Club
Goat Castle - Reach E Tier
✅ unlocked at 4/20/2024, 1:31:48 AM
15 Gamerscore
Rogue GuildRogue Guild
Goat Castle - Reach D Tier
15 Gamerscore
Covert ConsortiumCovert Consortium
Goat Castle - Reach C Tier
15 Gamerscore
Secret SocietySecret Society
Goat Castle - Reach B Tier
15 Gamerscore
Shadow SyndicateShadow Syndicate
Goat Castle - Reach A Tier
15 Gamerscore
Synchronization CompleteSynchronization Complete
Synchronize with all the Goat Towers
✅ unlocked at 4/20/2024, 11:09:14 PM
15 Gamerscore
New Goat OrderNew Goat Order
Goat Castle - Reach S Tier
15 Gamerscore
Don't touch the serversDon't touch the servers
You touched the servers
50 Gamerscore
Try Hard 2Try Hard 2
Find all Trinkets
50 Gamerscore
Unlock all the achievements
160 Gamerscore
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