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Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer Progress

Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayermore about Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer
97.0% complete

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Psyko OnslotPsyko Onslot
the psykos attacked the X Slayer training dojjo! not on my watch
✅ unlocked at 7/3/2023, 12:17:39 AM
50 Gamerscore
The Steel SewerThe Steel Sewer
stupid psykos busted up our hackblood pipes... way lame... but at least their dead now...
✅ unlocked at 7/3/2023, 1:11:10 AM
50 Gamerscore
Dollar$haver DestructionDollar$haver Destruction
cleanup on isle... ME!
✅ unlocked at 7/3/2023, 1:33:53 AM
50 Gamerscore
Cult Die SackCult Die Sack
flippin rich people
✅ unlocked at 7/5/2023, 11:56:16 PM
50 Gamerscore
Kataklysm in the ComputerKataklysm in the Computer
we hacked inot the psyko computer by going inside it and kicking their a***es
✅ unlocked at 7/6/2023, 12:13:47 AM
50 Gamerscore
Cottonwood Mobile Home ParkCottonwood Mobile Home Park
so many doublewides... lucky...
✅ unlocked at 7/6/2023, 12:47:01 AM
50 Gamerscore
Boise Potato FestivalBoise Potato Festival
its the best time of the year and these terds just had to ruin it... guess ill have to wait till nex
✅ unlocked at 7/6/2023, 1:13:37 AM
50 Gamerscore
Over the RoadOver the Road
this is for makig me work on sundays melvin! I mean... mevin...
✅ unlocked at 7/6/2023, 1:24:22 AM
100 Gamerscore
My stuff!!!My stuff!!!
why am i doing this!!!!!!
✅ unlocked at 7/3/2023, 12:19:33 AM
30 Gamerscore
youre freakin inzane!
✅ unlocked at 2/20/2024, 3:46:01 AM
50 Gamerscore
no pooping allowedno pooping allowed
oops i broke all of the toilets in the game
30 Gamerscore
hole in 1hole in 1
once this is all over i'm gonna go pro
✅ unlocked at 7/3/2023, 1:18:03 AM
50 Gamerscore
$$$ ski baller $$$$$$ ski baller $$$
if this thing printed tickets... id be able to retire...
✅ unlocked at 7/3/2023, 1:16:45 AM
40 Gamerscore
yee hawyee haw
we blew up the potato cowboys.... awesome
✅ unlocked at 7/6/2023, 1:29:09 AM
40 Gamerscore
Rats and X SlayersRats and X Slayers
give the rats some cheese... they will rip up psykos with ease
✅ unlocked at 7/6/2023, 12:56:05 AM
40 Gamerscore
Crevasse of RepugnantCrevasse of Repugnant
the fell down the psykos trap hole n then blew it up
✅ unlocked at 7/6/2023, 1:18:05 AM
70 Gamerscore
Mikey's HeadMikey's Head
one of my old Kataklysm maps that looks like Mikey Sykey's head
✅ unlocked at 7/6/2023, 2:02:37 AM
60 Gamerscore
Uncle Gopher's HouseUncle Gopher's House
my uncle Gopher's house... was a Kataklysm map
✅ unlocked at 7/6/2023, 2:07:36 AM
60 Gamerscore
Welcome to BoiseWelcome to Boise
this could of been the best map but i had to cut it. o well.
✅ unlocked at 7/6/2023, 1:49:39 AM
80 Gamerscore
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