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Fallout Doesn't Let You Do ThisFallout Doesn't Let You Do This
Kill Slumsley.
✅ unlocked at 3/5/2024, 3:52:00 AM
20 Gamerscore
Bring A Knife to a Gun FightBring A Knife to a Gun Fight
Get Knifey.
✅ unlocked at 3/7/2024, 3:24:01 AM
20 Gamerscore
First Bounty DownFirst Bounty Down
Defeat 9-Torg.
✅ unlocked at 3/8/2024, 8:12:19 AM
20 Gamerscore
Don't Knife The Hand That FeedsDon't Knife The Hand That Feeds
Take Knifey's advice and stab Gene in the gut.
✅ unlocked at 3/10/2024, 2:30:10 AM
20 Gamerscore
G3 GraduationG3 Graduation
Defeat Douglas.
✅ unlocked at 3/14/2024, 2:18:09 AM
20 Gamerscore
Sweezy Like Sunday MorningSweezy Like Sunday Morning
Obtain Sweezy.
✅ unlocked at 3/14/2024, 2:18:34 AM
20 Gamerscore
Gunning For Your JobGunning For Your Job
Use Sweezy to boss around the Office Moplets.
✅ unlocked at 3/18/2024, 6:30:25 PM
20 Gamerscore
Cold-Blooded DrillerCold-Blooded Driller
Defeat Krubis.
✅ unlocked at 3/20/2024, 4:31:50 AM
20 Gamerscore
Satisfied Gus-tomerSatisfied Gus-tomer
Obtain Gus.
✅ unlocked at 3/21/2024, 1:52:23 AM
20 Gamerscore
Are You Packin'?Are You Packin'?
Obtain the Jetpack.
✅ unlocked at 3/21/2024, 2:06:13 AM
20 Gamerscore
Creature FeatureCreature Feature
Obtain Creature.
✅ unlocked at 3/23/2024, 4:04:04 AM
20 Gamerscore
Who's The Boss?Who's The Boss?
Defeat the Skrendel Brothers.
✅ unlocked at 3/25/2024, 12:34:02 AM
45 Gamerscore
RIP Davey GlutesRIP Davey Glutes
Obtain the Mag-Boots.
✅ unlocked at 3/26/2024, 5:04:13 AM
20 Gamerscore
Hardest Battle In The GameHardest Battle In The Game
Defeat Dr. Giblets.
✅ unlocked at 3/28/2024, 12:52:21 AM
45 Gamerscore
Eatin' Good in the NeighborhoodEatin' Good in the Neighborhood
Pay your bill at Applebee's.
✅ unlocked at 4/2/2024, 2:05:25 AM
20 Gamerscore
Spent 15 Hours At The Alien Strip ClubSpent 15 Hours At The Alien Strip Club
Spend 15 hours at the very real in-game alien strip club.
✅ unlocked at 4/4/2024, 3:13:58 AM
20 Gamerscore
Defeat Nipulon.
✅ unlocked at 4/6/2024, 6:51:51 AM
45 Gamerscore
Obtain Lezduit.
✅ unlocked at 4/7/2024, 10:50:09 PM
20 Gamerscore
Series Wrap on Suit-OSeries Wrap on Suit-O
Say goodbye to Suit-O.
✅ unlocked at 4/11/2024, 1:57:07 AM
20 Gamerscore
Playing FavoritesPlaying Favorites
Sacrifice a Gatlian other than Kenny during the fight against Garmantuous.
✅ unlocked at 4/14/2024, 7:00:40 AM
45 Gamerscore
Legendary Bounty HunterLegendary Bounty Hunter
Defeat Garmantuous and take down the G3 cartel.
✅ unlocked at 4/13/2024, 2:36:16 AM
60 Gamerscore
We're All Very Impressed, Trust MeWe're All Very Impressed, Trust Me
Juggle an enemy in the air with at least 5 shots.
✅ unlocked at 3/7/2024, 3:22:23 AM
20 Gamerscore
Eye Scream, You ScreamEye Scream, You Scream
Pop 20 Grunt eyeballs.
✅ unlocked at 3/16/2024, 1:33:36 AM
20 Gamerscore
A Starfish is BornA Starfish is Born
Watch Globo's rise to fame.
✅ unlocked at 3/30/2024, 7:23:13 AM
45 Gamerscore
We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole Movie We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole Movie
Discover the movie theater.
✅ unlocked at 4/16/2024, 7:44:38 AM
45 Gamerscore
Epic Legendary PrizeEpic Legendary Prize
Sit through the entirety of the really annoying countdown show on TV.
✅ unlocked at 3/11/2024, 2:40:50 AM
40 Gamerscore
Discover Dr. Gurgula's hideout in the Human Haven.
✅ unlocked at 4/7/2024, 12:45:10 AM
45 Gamerscore
Seeing All The SightsSeeing All The Sights
Unlock and explore every collectible warp base.
45 Gamerscore
Luglox GenocideLuglox Genocide
Find and open every Luglox chest.
60 Gamerscore
Mods Please BanMods Please Ban
Unlock every post in the Bounty Hunter forums.
60 Gamerscore
Playing Card to GetPlaying Card to Get
Collect every trading card in the game.
30 Gamerscore
Carried Stan's Load To CompletionCarried Stan's Load To Completion
Complete the game with Stan's product in your inventory.
✅ unlocked at 4/15/2024, 7:00:59 AM
30 Gamerscore
Collect all 9 trading cards on Peroxis and Muxxalon.
15 Gamerscore
Mux Ado About ShippingMux Ado About Shipping
Defeat Mux.
30 Gamerscore
We Came, We Chainsaw, We ConqueredWe Came, We Chainsaw, We Conquered
Kill a Bloat with Knifey's new upgrade.
15 Gamerscore
Bathe With A Giant Nude AlienBathe With A Giant Nude Alien
Take a bath with Toxxo.
15 Gamerscore
Fall In Love With A ParasiteFall In Love With A Parasite
Find a way to make love to the Parasite Passenger.
15 Gamerscore
Meet Frasier from FrasierMeet Frasier from Frasier
Visit Cheeks and hang out until closing time.
15 Gamerscore
See SaltSee Salt
Visit every major Peroxian landmark (and report back to the tour guide!)
15 Gamerscore
Porch PiratePorch Pirate
Find every scattered Muxxalon package.
15 Gamerscore
That's B.A.L.L., FolksThat's B.A.L.L., Folks
Kill 100 enemies with a fully charged ball shot.
15 Gamerscore
It's Like The Santa ClauseIt's Like The Santa Clause
Become the Riddle Master.
15 Gamerscore
Harper? I Barely Know Her!Harper? I Barely Know Her!
Kill 50 enemies with Harpers glob shot.
15 Gamerscore
Give Away All Your MoneyGive Away All Your Money
Grant the dying wish of a sick slug.
15 Gamerscore
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